Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

They are semi-permanent extensions made of synthetic material. They are designed to enhance your natural lashes to look longer, bolder, and thicker. They are attached by adhesive (glue) specifically designed for extensions. 

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

Our natural lashes are continually shedding. Therefore, when the natural hair sheds, so does the extension that was attached to it. Our lifestyle can also play a role in the loss of the extensions. Poor maintenance, cleansing, oils, and steam can cause the adhesive to break down causing poor retention.  Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure keeping your lashes looking full continuously or for as long as you wish to maintain them. Clean lashes will extend your attachment, they will fall off prematurely when you avoid cleansing them.

Will Eyelash Extensions cause harm to my natural lashes? Our Certified & licensed artists are trained in the application of extensions and our quality products ensure the health and integrity of the natural lash. It is imperative to the health of your lashes to have each natural hair isolated when an extension is adhered to it, proper separation is key to have the natural lash continue to grow and shed normally, the proper use of glue amount and extension size and weight not to overload the natural lash causing damage. 

What's the difference between Classic ~ Volume ~ Mega Volume? Classic lash extension application is 1 extension applied to 1 natural eyelash. The result is an enhanced lash line, yet very natural and realistic in appearance. Volume lash extension application is 3 or more of a lighter extension applied to 1 natural eyelash. Volume offers a fuller look while still providing an enhanced natural appearance. Mega volume offers an extremely full look and black out lash line.


What's the application process? The application process is very relaxing. You will lie back on a soft table with your eyes closed the entire time. You are offered a blanket & bolster for comfort and relaxation, most clients fall asleep. The application is very gentle. We are separating your lashes and adhering an extension. The service generally takes between 1.5 - 2 hours for a classic full set, 3-4 hours for a volume or mega volume set. Fills are 1-1.5 hours depending on your preference.   

Eyelash Extension Aftercare? Keeping your lashes clean is essential to your lash and eyelid health. Use an extension approved cleanser daily to remove oils. While sleeping, lashes can tangle or flip to the side. Brush through your lashes each morning with a clean mascara wand to reshape the extension and keep them in place. The overall upkeep is very minimal and easy to maintain.

How to remove eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions can be easily removed by a licensed professional using a special gel remover formulated to quickly dissolve the adhesive and gently wipe away the lash extensions. The process is painless and will not harm your natural lashes – the process is 30 minutes or less. Please do not attempt to remove lash extensions yourself as this can cause damage to your natural lashes.

How do I prepare for my initial eyelash extension appointment?

Avoid caffeine/Stimulants ~They may prevent you from being still, relaxed, and may cause eyes to flutter which will make it difficult for Lash Artist to apply extensions.

Come with make-up free eyes ~ Remove all make-up prior to appointment. If you're not able, be there 20 minutes before your appointment time there will be make-up remover provided.

Remove Contact Lenses ~ Bring a contact lens case and solution with you to your appointment or wear glasses. As a safety precaution and your comfort we ask you remove them prior to application.   

Dress for comfort ~ You will be lying for an extended period of time.

Bring music or audio book ~ Bring a headset. Although most clients fall asleep this is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy.

Silence your cell phone ~ During application your eyes remain closed. A sudden ring can cause you to jolt or open your eyes. It will also disturb the clients relaxing around you. 

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